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Your community needs you! Theres no time to waste! Join ULGCYP today. Follow the prompts below to join. 


To enable and empower African Americans and others in underserved communities to achieve their highest human potential and secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights.


As an Active member for the Urban League of Greater Columbus Young Professionals, the focus will be to increase membership engagement and volunteerism. Member responsibilities include: Join a standing committee (Membership, Community Service, Programs, Fundraiser, Social Engagement, Advocacy) and participate in the events assigned to that committee. Each committee will typically meet once per month or more as needed as events approach. Complete one membership orientation throughout the fiscal year. Attend a minimum of six General Body Meetings (Red Table Talk, General Events, etc.) – These meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm. Participate in two fundraising projects throughout the year. Complete/attend four ULGCYP community service activities throughout the year. Pay annual dues (currently $50) every fiscal year late fee after 30 days $15. Membership can be revoked at any time.

**Fiscal Year (January-December)**


This application is for new and returning members. Be sure to complete this document in its entirety and proceed to the membership payment screen. New members, following your submission you will receive a welcome letter with "next step information. #WelcomeToTheMovement

Application Type

Are you interested in learning more about any of the following ULGCYP committees? (Check One or More)

Please Be sure to complete your membership payment after submitting this form. Thanks for joining the movement!

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